This is sweet

The best lover you could ever have, is a writer. She could wrap her love for you through her beautiful words. No certain amount of words could modify her feelings for you. No right number of pages could explain her wrestling thoughts about you. And, no margins and borderlines could limit her random gorgeous emotions for you. Believe me, a writer is the best lover. She could bring you into her wildest colorful imagination. She could view you as a fallen angel, a perfect mess, a lonely star twinkling in an exploded galaxy, a flawed man, everything! She could also be your best friend, a pen partner, a love-letter sender, a romantic storyteller, an unsung poet, a midnight narrator. The best lovers are writers. She could be your perfect lens to see an artistic world, and a magnifier to imagine a mysteriously chaotic universe. Love a writer. Trust me. She could make you smile through her lines. She could make you feel pretty through her rhymes. She could make you laugh through her words. She could make you sob through her verse. And, she could make you marry her through her ballpoint’s curse.

[- Eia Reyes]

source: berlin-artparasites/facebook. com


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