Only you


The night comes, the day is over.

I watch all the people in the world fall asleep

And I don’t fall asleep.

I watch you fall asleep

And I think to myself

You are such a human being,

You make me die inside while you make me laugh on the outside.

You make me love, hate, believe, pray, cry, laugh, curse,

You make me fall in love every day,

You make me cuddle up with my blanket

Simply because I miss you.

You make me listen to that sappy, romantic music,

You make me understand it,

You make me smile in the street on a rainy day,

You make my day better.

You make me who I really am, showing the real me.

You, you are the person I’ve been waiting for.

You are wonderful and exciting,

You are beautiful and crazy,

You are mine, I’m yours.

You, you make me who I really am.

You, only you love me like the world would end tomorrow.


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